Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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  a comprehensive Book on Software Defined Storage : CEPH

ceph book

Hello Ceph 'ers  , 

The year 2014 is pretty productive to Ceph and to its surrounding world. Ceph entered the 10 year maturity haul with its 10th Birthday.The most buzzed news "RedHat acquired Inktank" was a major success to Ceph and its community, and finally 'Ceph Firefly' the Long Term Support production grade version is out in 2014 , with its wow features like Erasure Coding and Cache Tiering.

During the same year , somewhere in this world i was investing my several months for writing the first ever book on Ceph . Finally it was 20 January 2015 when my First as well as Ceph's First book got published. 

Introducing Learning Ceph : a comprehensive guide to learn software defined massively scalable Ceph storage system.

I have compiled this book with all my experience on Ceph and other related technologies and i am sure this book you pure knowledge on Ceph that you are always wondering about.

You can grab a Free Sample copy of this book from :

The book is available for purchase from variety of channels and on various formats. :
Safari Books :
Publishers Official website :

ceph book

I am sure , if you are interested to learn Ceph for building up

 your multi-petabyte storage system , this book is 100% 

a must have resource for Ceph.

So .....

Ceph book

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ceph Meetup Helsinki : 22 Jan 2015

Ceph Meetup Helsinki , Finland 22nd Jan 2015

It has been a good start to 2015. We the geeks of "Helsinki Metropolitan Area" express our sincere thanks to Red Hat Folks for arranging an unofficial "Ceph Day" sort of Ceph Meetup.

From my point of view expecting any event on CEPH in Finland , is like day dreaming. But hopefully not from now. 

Here is my presentation during the meetup. Hope you enjoy and learn something new out of it. Read it carefully "There is something new for YOU"


Introducing Try-Ceph

Since this was the first presentation on Ceph , in-order to keep the audience awake and into the gravity of Ceph. I have presented a LIVE DEMONSTRATION  of Ceph which the audience really enjoyed.

So What is Try-Ceph

Its a shortest and the quickest way to get your TEST Ceph cluster UP and Running in Just 10 Minutes --yes-i-am-really-really-serious

Its a TWO Step Process 

Step - 1 : # git clone
Step - 2 :  # vagrant up

Checkout the documentation

Checkout the recorded session

 Some Pictures from the Meetup

karan singh

karan singh

karan singh

karan singh